• Arabsbananas

    My issue

    May 4, 2010 by Arabsbananas

    My old computer broke (Because I was being stupid) and I got a new one so I could continue to play Bioshock. Unfortunatly, when I start the game, the minute i'm in the water, everthing is black except for the bubble, which are now white squares, and the fires. I've re-installed the game with the same results. Afther looking over my new computers hardware, I found something. Sure, my CPU can handle the game, but the Video card can't. My current card, a ATI Radeon Graphics Processor (0x791F), has a pixel shader and vertex sharder of only 2, instead of the games required 3. So I need help finding a better grafics card, I don't know which ones are compatible with my current computer.

    Here are the current Vid Card specs:

    ATI Radeon Graphics Proce…

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  • Arabsbananas

    After a User went on a rampage and almost deleted half the wiki, I realized something. Bar the admins, there are no Rollback users here. For those who don't know, a rollback user is a user with acess to Rollbcak rights, which allow them to quikly revert edits. These would have come in handy when fighting the above vandal, as the long way took more time, and as a consiquince, several pages where missed and had to be reverted latar. That is why I suggest that a handfull of experianced users be given rollback rights. This way, a crazed attack like this one won't be as hard to fix, as I spent over an hour undoing edits with another user, and we still missed several pages. The criteria for an experianced user requsting roll back could be: At le…

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