The Vulcan Splicer can be summarized as a Brute carrying heavy weapons. They are almost like a heavy weapon Leadhead Splicer.

  • Masks:
They have a surgically attached helmet that is used in conjunction with their weapon to help them aim and shoot at the player.

  • Weapons:
They have three different weapons: Eight Barreled Mini Gun, Ion Laser, Rivet Ballista.

  • Research Bonuses:
Level 1: +10% physical damage
Level 2: +Damage to this Splicer type
Level 3: Hypnotize works on Vulan Splicers
Level 4: Arms Race Gene Tonic
Level 5: ++Damage to this Splicer type
  • Tactics
They are the opposite of Cyber Splicers, they will never hide from you, bu they will give no warning before attacking you. They are as tough as a Brute and more deadly because of their ranged abilities.

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