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Androyd09 December 5, 2010 User blog:Androyd09

There will be two types of vending machines. But unlike the previous games they will be themed as company stores. And there is a choice to sell items back for reduced profit.

  • Item:
will sell various items including med-kits, EVE hypos, and other assorted odds and ends, including basic ammo and fuel. Will have a symbol consisting of a blue EVE Hypo, red Med-kit symbol, a small gray square, and a brown circle.
  • Ammo:
obvious, no change from before

will sell ammo, obvious but needed. Will have a symbol with the symbol for auto ammo, the three bullets, one will be gray, one will be red, and the other yellow.
  • Gatherer's Garden:
  • U-Invent:
  • Fuel:
  • EVE Dispenser:
  • Tool Dispenser:
  • Bot Shut-Down Nodes:
  • Weapon Upgrade:
  • Health Station:
  • EVE Station:

  • List of Vending Machine Items:

NOTE: this will be updated soon with all of the items.

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