Poc winterblast
Finally! Another Plasmid. Winter Blast, the freezing plasmid!

  • Level 1: Winter Blast
Slows down enemies and leaves them more susceptable to physical damage. When hit more than once, the enemy will stay frozen in place. Enemies still drop loot when slowed, but not when frozen.

Winter Blast 2 Icon
  • Level 2A: Ice Block: req. Winter Blast
When charged the enemy is encased in a block of ice, which can be used as a projectile.

  • Level 2B: Ice Bowling: req. Winter Blast
Charging this Plasmid generates a ball of ice which will roll along the ground when thrown, slowing down up to five enemies at a time. Can be used as a projectile.

Winter Blast 3 Icon
  • Level 3A: Snow Shards: req. Ice Block
When fully charged the player fires a thick stream of Ice Shards, and any enemy hit will become trapped in a block of ice. Ice shards have a 10% chance of rebounding off of the target to freeze the enemy closest to the target. and a 25% chance to slow all enemies with in close proximity to the ice block. The block can still be used as a projectile.

  • Level 3B: Snow Boulder: req. Ice Bowling
Fully charging generates a large snow boulder, that can freeze up to fifteen enemies, used as a projectile, and leaves a short-lived trail that can slow enemies down.

  • Ammo Combo:
Encases ammo in a shell of ice, slowing down the enemy and increasing physical damage to 1.5x

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