Thuggish Splicer Research Icon
The same old splicer, with a more challenging twist this time around.

  • Masks:
Welding mask, Guy Fawkes mask, Oxygen mask, Scuba mask, and Goaltender's mask.

  • Weapons:
A new batch of weapons including: Machete, twin hatchets, spear, glass shard gloves, torch, 2X4, fists, and spiked brass knuckles.

  • Research Bonuses:
Level 1: 10% physical damage increase
Level 2: +Damage to Thuggish Splicers
Level 3: Head Hunter 2 Gene Tonic
Level 4: ++Damage to Thuggish Splicers
Level 5: 25% physical damage increase

Level 6: Cannibal Gene Tonic

Level 7: +++Damage to Thuggish Splicers

  • Sub-Types: the first two appear in the first half, the other three are introduced in the latter half.

Normal: The lowest of the low on the Splicer food chain, luckily you've got quite the appetite!

Galvanized: Tesla himself would be proud of these ambitiously shocking fellows.

Glacier: Don't fret, these bastards never give a cold shoulder.

Inferno: If you can't stand the heat, kill them so they explode!

Corrupted: If they were the poison in your mouth, you'd be dead already!

  • New Tactics: They are pretty much the same, except for three new traits:

Ambush: 20% chance they will hide in wait for you to approach them, leaping out at you for a surprise attack.

Track: 50% chance they will follow you if they see you before you see them, and alert other Thuggish Splicers to your presence.

Retreat: in the latter parts of the game 40% chance they will flee if you stop attacking them, and they will return with full health and another Splicer of equal strength.

Taking a note from Willbachbakal, Thuggish splicers, other than normal ones, explode with their element upon death, (you can still loot them) because they all have a unique tonic, Martyrdom.

Normal: same as first-half of Bioshock 1.

Galvanized: have a 25% chance to paralyze player. Double damage in water.

Glacier: When they hit you they slow you 15%, 10% chance of paralyzing player.

Inferno: they set the player on fire when they strike, the fire only lasts for ten seconds, and is very weak.

Corrupted: their strikes poison the player for ten seconds.

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