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Updated: Leadhead Splicer

Androyd09 November 19, 2010 User blog:Androyd09
Leadhead Spicer Research Icon
Again with the same old Splicer, but also one with a new menacing twist.

  • Masks:
Balaclava, Bite mask, Iron mask, steel Goalie mask, gas mask.

  • Weapons:
All new weapons including: High Caliber Pistol w/ flashlight, Bolt-action Sniper Rifle, Auto Shotgun, Carbine, and Semi-Automatic Rifle.

  • Research Bonuses:
Level 1: +10% ammo capacity for firearms
Level 2: +Damage to Leadhead Splicers
Level 3: Rapid-Fire Gene Tonic
Level 4: 10% increase of finding ammo on corpses
Level 5: ++Damage to Leadhead Splicers

  • Tactics:
Not much difference with this one either, but they have three new traits:
  • Retreat: they will run once they have 1/10 health and return with another Splicer of equal or lesser strength.
  • Snipe: they will hide out and snipe you from a distance. If they have a sniper rifle.
  • Mob Rules: in the latter half of the game they will get into groups of four or more and try to attack you head-on.

  • Sub-Types: each type has their own traits.
  • Pistol:
Weapon: High Cal. Pistol
Explosive: none
Ability: can see in dark
Evolution: faster shooting
  • Sniper:
Weapon: Bolt-action Sniper Rifle
Explosive: Timed bombs
Ability: faster than normal splicer
Evolution: Camo; will occasionally be semi-transparent.
  • Shotgun:
Weapon: Auto Shotgun
Explosive: Flash Bang Grenades
Ability: Internal body armor reduces damage by 10%
Evolution: damage is decreased by 25%
  • Carbine:
Weapon: Carbine
Explosive: Cluster Grenades
Ability: can hide behind cover 10% of the time
Evolution: hides 30% of the time
  • Semi-auto:
Weapon: Semi-automatic Rifle
Explosive: White Phosphorous Grenades
Ability: uses slash and burn tactics
Evolution: turns pyromaniac

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