Time to finish off the elemental trinity of Bioshock: Incinerate!! I would like to say this now: because I have brought back the Chemical Thrower Bioshock 2's level three version has been retaken by the weapon. I also have to state that unless it says different, if an ability mentioned in a previous level isn't mentioned again, it means it remains unchanged.

  • Level 1: Incinerate!
Appearance: Same as Bioshock 2.
Abilities Gained: will spontaneously combust objects and enemies. Has a 35% chance of either making the enemy set fire to other enemies upon contact, or having the enemy explode in a small fireball.

Incinerate! 2 Icon
  • Level 2A: Arsen

Appearance: Same as Bioshock 2 but yellow and white.

Abilities Gained: Enemies now have a 100% chance of setting fire to upto three enemies through contact per hit with plasmid. Fire duration decreased by 20%. chance of exploding is reduced to 20%.

  • Level 2B: Pyro

Appearance: Same as Bioshock 2 but blue and orange.

Abilities Gained: Living enemies will explode in a small fireball when hit with a charged Incinerate!, dealing twice normal damage. fire damage is increased by 15%. chance of setting fire to other enemies is now 30%, contact only.


  • Level 3A: Fire Starter

Appearance: Same as Bioshock 2 but green and yellow.

Abilities Gained: Enemies set on fire with a charged Incinerate! will actively seek out other enemies to set on fire for the duration of combustion. Fire duration is reduced to half of original duration.

  • Level 3B: Spontaneous Cumbustion

Appearance: Same as Bioshock 2 but purple and red.

Abilities Gained: If the enemy dies from Incinerate (or a corpse is hit with it) the body will turn into a firebal mine, triggered by enemy contact. When hit with a fully charged Incinerate!, enemies will explode into a medium fireball, dealing triple damage to the enemy and 1.5X damage to all surrounding enemies. Chance of setting other enemies on fire from contact is 50%, and fire damage overall is increased by an additional 20%.



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