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Updated: Electro Bolt

Androyd09 November 20, 2010 User blog:Androyd09

We all know this plasmid, the starting one for both games. But I would implement an upgrade tree (how original!) but there's a twist to this tree, all levels can be achieved, but you have to pay five ADAM to switch the effects.

  • Level 1: Electro-Bolt
The first plasmid level is the same as in Bioshock 1 and 2.

Electro 2
  • Level 2A: Chain Lightning: req. Electro-Bolt
multiple targets hit in succession.

  • Level 2B: Blast Lightning: req. Electro-Bolt
a ball of lightning is thrown, doing more damage and stuns longer.

Electro 3
  • Level 3A: Continuous Pulse: req. Chain Lightning
charging will release a continuous stream of electricity.

  • Level 3B: Charge Pulse: req. Blast Lightning
charge up to release a ball of lightning that shocks multiple enemies within range.

  • Ammo Combo:

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Charges any given ammo with electricity, shocking foes on impact doing 1.5x physical damage.

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