Knuckle Grinders

This big nasty thing has become even more deadly than before. I have to give credit to Willbachbakal for giving me the entire harpoon idea, and drill abilities idea; all other ideas are my own as of the time I am writing this.
  • Appearance:
Just like the new Big Daddy Types, the Bouncer will resemble the old Big Daddies but they will have suits made out of newer, synthetic materials, like silicone, latex, and plastic steel. The Elites will have more mechanical

  • Weapons:
Weighted-knuckle Gloves: the Bouncer's gloves underneath their weapons, can cause significant damage.
Drill: can use drill dash, and smash splicers with the drill.
Harpoon: can detach and use as mace, or can fire harpoon at player, but it can get stuck and be manipulated through telekinesis.
Dual Grinders: two detachable grinders, can perform a double dash, a one two punch dash.

  • Research Bonuses:
Level 1: Drill Lurker Tonic
Level 2: +Damage to Bouncers
Level 3: Drill Damage Tonic
Level 4: Drill Drill Specialist Tonic
Level 5: ++Damage to Bouncers
Level 6: Drill Vampire Tonic
Yes there will be enough Bouncers to actually get all six research Levels.

  • Tactics:
They will have slightly different tactics, as described by their weapons, but they will all adhere to these basic tactics. They will run at you, and hit you, if you are close enough. If you attack them from a distance, they will try to close that distance as fast as possible, even jumping off of ledges (Willbachbakal's idea). If you even touch their Little Sister, they will immediately grow enraged, and dash into you.

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