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Turret Research Icon
Ah! The old standard unmoving defense turret. Or so you thought...
  • Sub-types:
Leadhead Turret: basic returning turret with a machine gun.
Lancer Turret: turret with an ion laser, can fire in beams and pulses.
Nitro Turret: shoots grenades and proximity mines.
Tesla Turret: fires bolts of electricity, and EMP mines.
pyro Turret: equipped with a flamethrower, and uses firebombs.
Tank: a moving turret. Also has a cannon that fires grenades, heat-seeking RPGs, and proximity mines; also has chemical thrower with acid, electric gel, and napalm ammo.

  • Research Bonuses:
Level 1: turrets more susceptable to elemental attacks
Level 2: hacked turrets invulnerable to EMP mines
Level 3: Turret, Turret Gene Tonic
Level 4: hacked turrets can be healed at the cost of up to 200 credits
Level 5: hacked turrets range increased by 50%
Level 6: Double damage to turrets

  • Upgrades:
Accuracy Boost: accuracy increased by 20%; 55 credits.
Damage Boost: damage increased by 15%; 60 credits.
Health Boost: health increased by 25%; 70 credits.
Hack-resistance Boost: Cyber Splicer hack time decreased by 40%; 125 credits.

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