Warning!!! Plot will have either many holes, or nonexistant parts for a while, with comments possibly taken into consideration.

Plot points:

  • 1950's:

1959: Christine Sy is born.

  • 1960's

1962: The Eden Company is founded by Sy Xing Chu and Sy Zhu Huang

  • 1970's

January 1975: Christine Sy is brutally raped by members of the KKK in Los Angeles' China Town.

November 1975: Christine Sy gives birth to a healthy baby girl, named Kristi.

February 1976: Kristi Sy is adopted by the Bun family.

December 24th, 1979: Christine is married to her high school sweetheart, Stephen Light.

  • 1980's

June 1982: Martha Light is born.

June 13th, 1984: Stephen Light is killed in a fatal motorcycle accident.

around 1984: Rapture inhabited by less than fifty Splicers/survivors.

1987: Eden is incorporated as EDEN Inc.

1988: EDEN Inc. incorporates many companies, including various Andrew Ryan and Orrin Oscar Lutwidge companies, becoming an industrial giant.

1989: Christine Sy meets a young man of Russian and German descent, Ronin Aleksandrovich Ulyanov.

  • 1990's

1993: Mary-Lynn Norburg (formerly Lutwidge) is hired by EDEN Inc.

1997: Christine Sy is married to Ronin Ulyanov. (prenuptual agreement is signed)

around 1998: Rapture is home to less than twenty Splicers/survivors.

1999: EDEN Inc. investigates claims made by several employees of a 'Rapture' under the sea.

  • 2000's

2000: Rapture is discovered by Ronin and Christine Ulyanov (formerly Sy).

2002: All remaining evidence, data, findings, reports, Splicers and experiments discovered in Rapture is taken to a secret EDEN laboratory site codenamed Compound Eta.

2003: Christine Sy divorces Ronin Ulyanov.

November 13th 2003: Markus Ulyanov is born.

2004/5: Both Sy Xing Chu and Sy Zhu Huang die of unexplained diseases.

2005: Christine Sy becomes CEO and majority shareholder of EDEN Inc.

  • 2010's

2011: contact with EDEN Compound Eta is supposedly lost.

2013: Christine Sy goes missing.

2014: Ronin Ulyanov is appointed interim CEO and now controls Christine's shares of EDEN. EDEN is now grouped under EDEN Industries.

2019/20: Bioshock: Evolution occurs

  • 2020's

2020: the remaining Splicers in the ruins of Compound Eta and Rapture are let free to the wilds of the world.

2021: Ronin Ulyanov is found dead, and the events of Bioshock: Evolution are made public to the world.

2021: Christine Sy returns and works to prevent the crimes against humanity that occured at Compound Eta from ever occuring again.

2025: Christine Sy is responsible for creating U.N. resolutions against Splicing; Now wild Splicers are grouped into species regarding there types and are listed as Critically Endangered as a whole.

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