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Finally, the new Splicers are rounded out! These new elite Splicers glide, and act a bit like the Fear from Metal Gear Solid 3: they glide/jump long distances and use a crossbow to attack the player.

  • Masks:

  • Weapons/Plasmids:
They have a large repeating crossbow, a little smaller than the one the player has. Their crossbow carries Fragmentation, Incindiary, and Trap bolts. They also have an abnormal Natural Camouflage tonic, they are 95% invisible even when moving, but they have a faint white aura around them.

  • Research Bonuses:
Level 1: +Damage
Level 2: The bolts of their crossbow have a 35% chance of becoming a normal bolt, which the player can pick up.
Level 3: ++Damage
Level 4: Their aura becomes bright gold, to match the aura around consumables and story objects.
Level 5: +++Damage

  • Tactics:
They like to stay fairly high, never in melee range. They choose to snipe the player with Frag bolts, or set traps with Trap bolts. They are completely vulnerable in-flight, and can be easily sniped with the Sniper Rifle or the Crossbow.

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