The name says it all, they are spliced animals, but they are five of the most deadly types of animals ever to have existed; Cave Bear, Dire Wolf, Great Albatross, Great White Shark, and Komodo Dragon.

  • Mutations:
CB: loss of half its hair, with it replaced by spiny horns and boils.
DW: 25% growth increase, and larger teeth.
GA: boils and an extended spinal column.
GWS: larger mouth, 25% longer body, and fins replaced by cartilage spikes.
KD: extended limbs, as well as random spines from its hard bony plating.

  • Plasmids and Tonics:
CB: No plasmids; Brute Strength Tonic.
DW: Dash; Natural Camouflage.
GA: Electro Bolt 2; Hawkeye Tonic.
GWS: No plasmids; no tonics.
KD: Incinerate 3; Sports Boost Tonic.

  • Research Bonuses:
Level 1: can use machete, research camera, and crossbow underwater.
Level 2: +Damage
Level 3: can use taint, telekinesis, dash and push underwater.
Level 4: ++Damage
Level 5: +50% movement speed underwater.

  • Tactics:
CB: These will head straight for you and try to get into close range to swipe you dealing massive damage.
DW: These will hide from you and wait for you to walk past, then dash to you to bite you dealing medium damage. has to wait one minute between dashes.
GA: These nasty birds try to shoot you with Electro Bolt 2B, as well as trying to slash you with their talons.
KD: these will try to stay out of your way and hit you with fire attacks while dodging your attacks.

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