Spider splicer 1

A Crawler

Now this is what I call a real 'Spider' Splicer! She isn't gonna get past these hellhounds!
― Mistress Harrietta on the development of Runners and Trappers.
Spider Splicer Research Icon

These Spider Splicers are more closely related to spiders in behavior, even going to the length of creating a 'colony' of Splicers with the game, an area you'll explore!

  • Masks:

Crawler: Long Nose Mask, Rabbit Mask, or Jester Mask

Jumper: Torn Black Balaclava, or Torn Dark Green Balaclava

Trapper: Steel Plate over mouth, Mouth Sewn Shut, or No Mouth

  • Weapons:

Crawler: Metal hooks attached to natural web lines and venom.

Jumper: Metal hooks and venom.

Trapper: venom and sticky webbing and hooks.

  • Sub-Types: All three behave more like spiders this time around

Crawler: While they've been seen before, the still might 'creep' you out.

Jumper: They'll be hiding in the grass, ready to pounce!

Trapper: Be careful for these ones, they'll open a 'trapdoor' right under you.

  • Research Bonuses:

Level 1: +Damage

Level 2: Poison Chance decreased by 50%

Level 3: ++Damage

Level 4: Fountain of Youth Tonic

Level 5: +++Damage

Level 6: Poison damage decreased by 20%

Level 7: ++++Damage

  • New Tactics:

Crawlers: same as before, but with Willbachbakal's enhancements; they're hooks are now attached to them, allowing them to use rope-type attacks on the player. At close range they'll try to scratch or bite the player, poisoning them.

Jumper: They only climb on other surfaces than the ground to avoid attacks, otherwise they run, jump and lunge at the player to try to poison them with venom.

Trapper: They lie in wait in facades formed from trash and natural webbing. They'll wait until the player is three to five feet away, then burst out of cover and attack with hooks and venom.

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