The first non-hostile human interacted with; she give the player her first four weapons after she escapes through the sewers. As a youth, she was given the choice of what she wanted to be by her mother, Eleanor, she chose to study math and science, mainly chemistry, becoming quite enthused by blowing things up. She was the original creator of the Blast Core Plasmid, and as such, uses an extremely volatile prototype of it.

  • Appearance:
Bearing a remarkable resemblance to her grandmother, she wears clothes suited to camouflage her in the current environment.

  • Weapons and Plasmids:
She carries an ammo crate, uses Blast Core, and has a machete she uses for close encounters.
Mid-game she will start using a small launcher in conjunction with her explosives.

  • Tactics:
As a Nitro Splicer, she uses explosives, and since she loves to experiment with them, she has almost every explosive known to the world at her disposal, and three the world has no clue of. She also uses Blast Core and her machete for close-range combat.

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