The Sniper Rifle, pretty self explanatory. The twelfth weapon found by the player.

  • Function:
A sniper rifle, is extremely loud, until the upgrade is applied.
  • Ammo Types:
Sniper Rounds: basic ammo
Piercing Rounds: uncommon ammo; high damage to enemies
Burst Rounds: rare ammo; explosive damage, small blast radius
Tracer Rounds: Inventable ammo; acts as non removable security target
  • Clip Size:
SR: 2 in gun, 4 w/ upgrade; 20 total, 28 w/ upgrade.
PR: 2 in gun, 4 w/ upgrade; 15 total, 20 w/ upgrade.
BR: 1 in gun, 2 w/ upgrade; 4 total, 8 w/ upgrade.

TR: 1 in gun, 2 w/ upgrade; 3 total, 6 w/ upgrade.

  • Upgrades:
Clip Size Increase: An extended ammo cartridge is used, increasing ammo capacity.
Projectile Pierce Upgrade: A slightly lengthened barrel is added, increasing bullet speed and enables the bullet to pierce through two enemies.
Silencer Upgrade: A heavy duty silencer is attached to the muzzle, silencing the weapon.

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