A double barreled shotgun, similar to the Bioshock 2 version. The fifth weapon found by the player.

  • Function:
Same as Bioshock 1 and 2.
  • Ammo Types:
Buckshot: basic ammo
Triple-aught: uncommon ammo
Frag-Shot: inventable ammo
Solid Slug: rare ammo
  • Clip Size:
B: 4; 8 w/ upgrade
TA: 2; 4 w/ upgrade
FS: 2; 4 w/ upgrade
SS: 4; 6 w/ upgrade
  • Upgrades:
Clip Size Increase: An increase in the size of the ammo compartment the clip size is increased.
Damage Increase: Rifling the barrels add a spin and stabilization to the weapon, increasing damage.
Electrified Ammo: An electric-generating dynamo is applied to the ammo compartment, electrifying all ammo.

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