The Security Camera is still in its initial form, a static camera, but that is not the only possibility anymore.

  • Sub-Types:
Static: the same old camera on the ceiling or wall.
Dynamic: a camera that moves within a preprogrammed route.
Combination System: a combination of two dynamic cameras and two static ones; only encountered three times.

  • Research Bonuses:
Cameras and Bots have separate research bonuses.
Level 1: +15 seconds to friendly alarms
Level 2: +50% chance of finding rare U-Invent parts in security cameras
Level 3: Extended Reel 2 Gene Tonic
Level 4: Security Cameras are 10% easier to hack
Level 5: Keen Observer 3 Gene Tonic
Level 6:

  • Upgrades:
The upgrades to Security Cameras are to the individual cameras, so they are bought with credits.
Enhanced Detection: camera now detects enemies twice as fast; 50 credits.
Greater Range: for dynamic cameras: the route of the camera is lengthened by 25%; 50 credits.
Greater Speed: for dynamic cameras: the speed of the camera is increased by 25%; 50 credits.
Greater Health: camera now has armor plating, reducing damage by 75%; 110 credits.

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