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Androyd09 November 23, 2010 User blog:Androyd09

The most versatile security measure is back! Basic function does not change, but they do get a much-needed "fresh coat of paint."

  • Sub-Types:
Enemy Bots:
Leadhead Bot: basic bot with two different weapons: machine gun, sniper rifle.
Lancer Bot: bot with an Ion laser and two types of attack: beam and pulse.
Nitro Bot: bot with a miniaturized launcher and two types of ammo: grenades and proximity mines.
Suicide Bot: armored bot that emits a loud shriek, then blows itself up near the player/ enemy. Shooting its explosive will detonate it.
Elemental Bots: four different types of bots with elemental weapons and are immune to their element:
Poison Bot: uses a poison gas spreader and poison smoke bombs. poisons the player.
Fire Bot: uses a flamethrower and incendiary explosives. sets the player on fire.
Jolt Bot: uses a tesla gun and .shock grenades. Stuns the player.
Freeze Bot: uses a liquid nitrogen thrower and snow bombs. Freezes the player.
  • Research Bonuses:
Level 1: Shorten Alarms 2 Gene Tonic
Level 2: Security bots stay stunned and frozen for longer and Elemental Bots are no longer immune to their element.
Level 3: +Damage to Security Bots
Level 4: Security Evasion Gene Tonic
Level 5: +1 hacked Security Bot allowed
Level 6: ++Damage to Security Bots

  • Upgrades: these upgrades are one bot only, and stay applied until bot is destroyed
Damage Increase: bot damage increased by 75%; 75 credits.
Speed Increase: bot flight speed increased by 50%; 120 credits.
Plasmid Addition: this upgrade allows the player to add their current plasmid to their current bot; 250 credits.

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