The classic explosives expert is back, albeit with a few new tricks to keep you busy.

  • Appearance:
Similar in appearance to its contemporaries, this Big Daddy is the most different from its counterpart in Bioshock 2. The cannon on its shoulder is now a part of its suit. Its right hand has an apparatus attached that enables the spontaneous use of the cannon. They also have 35% more armor than their counterparts.

  • Weapons:
Like all other Big Daddies, this one utilizes weighted knuckle gloves for its melee attacks. It also throws all types of Mini-turrets.
Cannon: the mainstay weapon of the Rumbler. Ammo Types:
Heat-seeking RPGs: same as before.
Grenades: same as grenades fired with the Cannon in Bioshock 2.

  • Research Bonuses:
Level 1: +Damage to Rumbler
Level 2: Gene Tonic
Level 3: ++Damage to Rumbler
Level 4: +++Damage to Rumbler
Level 5: Gene Tonic
Level 6: ++++Damage to Rumbler

  • Tactics:
Practically same as before, only they use specific types of Mini-Turrets for specific settings, for instance: an area with almost no dry land, they use a Mini-Tesla, or an area with a broken gas line it uses a Mini-Pyro.

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