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Infamous and exploitable. No more, no more I say!! Note: Yes I have taken some of their tactics from Willbachbakal, but they still count.

  • Appearance:
Instead of simply repeating the info from the Bouncer I have a link to it.

  • Weapons:
Weighted Knuckle Gloves: this Big Daddy's only melee attack.
Rivet Gun: Standard for this Big Daddy, but it has ammo types:
Normal: standard rivets
Heavy: do more damage, also has a 15% chance of setting player, or other splicers, on fire
Tesla: these shock and paralyze the player, security or other splicers
Proximity Mines: these are thrown by the Rosie

  • Research Bonuses:
Level 1: Rivet guns have twice the rare U-Invent parts and ammo
Level 2: +Damage to Rosies
Level 3: Rivet gun does 15% more damage
Level 4: ++Damage to Rosies
Level 5: +++Damage to Rosies
Level 6: Demanding Father Gene Tonic

  • Tactics:
They notice anything explosive the player has with Telekinesis or is next to, and attempt to shoot it. When farther away the Rosie uses their Tesla Rivets to paralyze the player to shorten the distance between them and the player; they are only effective at medium range. They also throw proximity mines near where the player is hiding

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