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Rivet Gun

The staple of the rosie, and Delta's first ranged weapon.

  • Function:

Same as in Bioshock 2, with the added bonus of being able to rivet certain things back together.

  • Ammo Types:

Rivet: basic ammo

Heavy Rivet: uncommon ammo

Trap Rivets: rare ammo

Spike Rivets: inventable ammo

Steel Rebar: story-based ammo

  • Clip Size:

R: magazine: 12, 20 w/ upgrade; carry: 60, 80 w/ upgrade

HR: magazine: 12, 18 w/ upgrade; carry: 24, 36 w/ upgrade

TR: magazine: 12, 18 w/ upgrade; carry: 24, 36 w/ upgrade

SP: magazine: 6, 16 w/ upgrade; carry: 12, 24 w/ upgrade

SR: ten

  • Upgrades:

Clip Size Increase: The larger magazine box allows for a greater number of rivets to be carried both in the weapon and on person.

Damage Output Increase: With the new pressure valves in place the pressure inside the firing mechanism has increased, increasing damage.

Heated Rivets: An internal heating mechanism superheats each bolt through electricity before firing, enabling it to have a 40% chance of igniting an enemy on fire.

Accuracy Increase: A longer, rifled barrel creates a spin and stabilization on each rivet, adding to it's accuracy.

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