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Push (Plasmid)

Androyd09 November 21, 2010 User blog:Androyd09

This is Push

Sonic Boom 2 Icon
  • Level 1: Push
Appearance: player's hand has a white glow with a light blue spot on the player's palm.
Abilities Gained: acts as Sonic Boom, but loses strength over time.

  • Level 2: Push Wave
Appearance: The player's hand becomes a pale white with the inside of the player's hand becoming light blue.
Abilities Gained: the blast can now push multiple enemies and is stronger.

  • Helpful Tonics:
EVE Saver: saves EVE
Force Field: the counterpart Aura Tonic
  • Ammo Combo: Force Ammo

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adds 15% knockback and 1.5x damage.

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