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Nitros, where the hell were they in number 2? Oh, that's right, they thought grenade-bearing Leadheads were good enough; not nearly enough. Therefore they will receive a beautiful, "facelift," if you would call it that.

  • Masks:
gas mask, surgical mask, fencing mask, black mask, iron mask.

  • Weapons:
Carriers: grenade box, back rack, chest belt.
Explosives: grenades, molotov cocktails, proximity mines, EMP mines, sticky bombs, and heat-seeking RPGs.

  • Research Bonuses:
Level 1: +Damage to Nitro Splicers
Level 2: Nitromania Tonic
Level 3: Enemy Sticky Bombs and EMP mines take longer to detonate
Level 4: Permenant 35% chance enemy grenades, molotov cocktails, and proximity mines are duds
Level 5: ++Damage to Nitro Splicers
Level 6: Nitromania 2 Tonic

  • Sub-types: all three types of Nitro Splicers have access to grenades, molotovs, and proximity mines.
Tesla Nitro: uses EMP mines in addition to the basic explosives. Will target any hacked security before it focuses on the player. uses proximity mines when the player gets too close.
Tech Nitro: regular explosives along with sticky bombs. will actively plant explosives as traps in frequently-used paths. When running away from the player they throw proximity mines in the player's path.
Grenadier Nitro: has a launcher that fires RPGs, proximity mines, and grenades; they can also throw molotovs. Will also seek cover to lauch its RPGs and grenades, but will only deploy proximity mines when at less than 50% health while being followed by the player.

  • Tactics: two new bonus traits
Nitromania: when at 50% or lower health and in the absence of a health station, Nitro Splicers will continually throw grenades and molotovs to escape the player.
Tag-team: in the last third of the game, Nitro Splicers will run in packs of two, of different types, and try to surround the player.

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