She is the first Splicer the player sees alive, and the eighth boss in the game. She frequently talks random scientific formulas she memorized before she spliced, as her mind has evolved to superhuman levels. While not insane yet, she is the farthest gone of the EDEN Ind. Splicer Generals.

  • Appearance:

She has the lanky limbs and double jointedness of Spider Splicers, but is also a Houdini. She wears a visor that lets her see in any light/weather, tattered lab coat over what was once an expensive blouse and blue jeans, but She wears no shoes.

  • Weapons And Plasmids:

On her left arm she wears a set of long metal claws, and has an ammo belt full of explosive viles she uses to attack.

  • Audio Diaries:

"Just Desserts"

  • Tactics:

Being a Spider Splicer and a Houdini Splicer she climbs all over the walls ceilings and floors of her building, teleporting to hard to reach areas. She will use her viles to attack the player with firey, electrical, or freezing explosions. When her health is at 2/3 she starts to get closer to the player in attempts to use her claw. At 1/3 health she teleports very fast in intervals, to confuse the player, as well as try to bite the player to poison them, in addition to the above mentioned tactics.

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