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Androyd09 February 7, 2011 User blog:Androyd09
And the last of the updated security, the cute little Mini-Turret. This thing will now and forever cease to be any kind of cute.

  • Sub-types:
Mini-Gun: normal machine gun turret.
Mini-Pyro: turret with a flamethrower.
Mini-Poison: turret that shoots acid.
Mini-Tesla: turret that fires bolts of electricity.
Mini-Ion: turret that fires ion pulses.

  • Research Bonuses:
Level 1: Mini Madness Gene Tonic

  • Upgrades: unlike the other security upgrades, these are for all Mini-Turrets:
Damage Max: increses damage by 15%; 100 Cr
Life Plus: increses turret life by 50%; 220 Cr
Sticky Feet: Mini-Turrets can be stuck on walls and ceilings; 300 Cr
Ammo-like: 45% less chance of enemy turret deployment; 400 Cr
Insta-hak: instant hack for Mini-Turrets; 400 Cr

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