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Little Sister

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These delightful little angels (sarcasm) are as they were in Bioshock 1, they have a research tree themselves!

  • Appearance:
Normal: They will still be wearing dirty, ripped dresses, with a variety of colors. They will also have different ethnicities and skin tones depending on the area.
Aquatic: There will be a small amount of Little Sisters that have small diving suits, as they are under water with their Big Daddies.

  • Weapons:
Normal: ADAM Needle
Aquatic: Plasmid Speargun -- The Sister has a Plasmid that allows her to channel the elemental effects of Plasmids into Spears that she shoots at the player at mid to close ranges.

  • Research Bonuses:
Level 1: Small increase to max Health and EVE
Level 2: Little Sisters gather at a slightly faster rate
Level 3: Small increase to max Health and EVE
Level 4: prices at Gather's Gardens decrease by 5 ADAM
Level 5: Small increase to max Health and EVE

  • Tactics:
Same as before, I can't come up with an original battle tactic for things that weren't even meant to be fought. I might add suggestions, if they fit with my overall idea.
Aquatic: The Little Sister will attack the Player on sight with non-elemental spears as a back-off maneuvre. When their Big Daddy is angered they will fire elemental Spears, of Electricity, Poison, or Ice.

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