Seen in Bioshock 2 concept art, made a reality in Evolution. With the weapons I decided to "borrow" Willbackbakal's idea for the Little Sisters.

  • Appearance:
like their "sisters" these little bastards are about six to nine, are extremely violent, and wear baseball gear, dirty and torn of course!

  • Weapons:
Concrete Bat: swings wildly at the player when they get close to their Daddy.

  • Plasmids:
these buggers will randomly send out plasmid bursts with the plasmids being one of the following: Electro-bolt, Incinerate!, Insect Swarm, Corruption, Push, Telekinesis, Winter Blast, Dash, or Blast Core.

  • Research Bonus:
Level 1: +Damage from Little Brothers
Level 2: Research-only Tonics and Plasmids become available at Gatherer's Gardens, with a high price.
Level 3: Little Brothers can be adopted and help defend Gathering Little Sisters.
Level 4: ++Damage from Little Brothers
Level 5: Research-only Tonics and Plasmids now have a reduced price.

  • Tactics:
They basically act violent towards you if you attack their Big Daddy, because they have an attachment to them which isn't reciprocated. They will get tougher in the latter half of the game and will learn to use Plasmids in conjunction with their concrete bat. And if you don't research them, they'll start to really damage you.

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