Elemental Vampire
Please allow me to introduce a new splicer that has all the cuteness of an adult blood-sucking leech (pun).

  • Masks:
they have no masks, but they wear goggles.

  • Weapons/Plasmids:
They have an exclusive plasmid, Leecher, that lets them drain the player's health to replenish their own, they also have claws and fangs which do moderate amounts of damage.

  • Research Bonuses:
Level 1: +Damage to Leech Splicers
Level 2: Leech-proof Tonic
Level 3: Leech Splicers are vulnerable to Hypnotize
Level 4: ++Damage to Leech Splicers

  • Tactics:
These splicers are built for sppeed and agility, they jump and run around the player to avoid being hit, all the while they try to leech off the player's health. If they need to replenish their health they will first seek out a Health Station, but it knows when it is hacked, then it will attack more ferociously at the player.

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