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The ninth weapon found by the player. There is no splash damage removal upgrade because this launcher has no splash damage.

  • Function:
Same as in Bioshock 2.
  • Ammo Types:
Fragmentation Grenade: Basic ammo
Proximity Mines: uncommon ammo
Heat-seeking RPG's: rare ammo
Sticky Bombs: inventable ammo
  • Clip Size:
FG: Launcher: 4, 6 w/ upgrade; 10 on person, 15 w/ upgrade
PM: Launcher: 3, 5 w/ upgrade; 6 on person, 8 w/ upgrade
RPG: Launcher: 3, 4 w/ upgrade; 6 on person, 8 w/ upgrade
SB: Launcher: 2, 3 w/ upgrade; 4 on person, 6 w/ upgrade
  • Upgrades:
Clip Size Increase: An extended munitions box increases the amount of projectiles carried in the launcher and on the player.
Blast Size and Damage Increase: Extra munitions are mounted to each projectile, forming a cluster bomb with increased damage and an enlarged blast radius.

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