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Like many have said, the old Lancer was a Rosie "re-color." And like some who have made their own blogs I plan on making this guy even more badass than he should have been. And credit goes to Willbachbakal for the idea of the mirrored surface Plasmid that he gave his Lancers.

  • Appearance: No difference in style, but these guys now are almost immaculate, they have little to no scars or damage apparent on their armor. And some of them have incredibly shined helmets (which they can use to temporarily blind the player.)
Shock: Red stripes appear on the chest
Burst: Blue stripes on the chest

  • Weapons:
Shock: Ion Laser, Flashbang grenades and rarely they will use Tesla mines
Burst: Ion Burster and Sticky Bombs
Ion Burster: an Ion Laser made only to fire in burst shots

  • Research Bonuses:
Level 1: Flash resistance: The player is immune to the shine of the Lancer's helmet, and the duration of their flashbang grenades' effects is decreased by 20%
Level 2: 50% increase in amount of Ion Laser Ammo found on security bots and turrets
Level 3: +Damage
Level 4: ++Damage
Level 5: +++Damage

  • Tactics:
These buggers are slightly slower than the alpha series of Bioshock 2.
Shock: Try to handle you from very long range, and when that fails they try to shoot and rotate to get at you. They use the grenades and mines to control your movements.
Burst: These guys seek cover and attempt to kill you in short bursts. They also try to manage your movements with sticky bombs.

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