This is the fourteenth and final weapon found by the player.

  • Function:
Same as in Minerva's Den.
  • Ammo Types:
LASER Cell: basic ammo
Thermal Cell: uncommon ammo
Burst Cell: Rare ammo
Solar Cell: Inventable ammo, rechargable ; can only be invented once, after all three upgrades have been applied.
  • Clip Size and Fuel Consumption rate:
LC: 100 in weapon, 150 w/ upgrade; 400 total, 500 w/ upgrade
TC: 100 in weapon, 150 w/ upgrade; 200 total,
BC: 100 in weapon, 150 w/ upgrade; 200 total,
SC: 1 in weapon, 1 w/ upgrade; 1 total, 1 w/ upgrade
  • Upgrades:
Clip Size Increase: A cell efficiency module is applied to prolong cell life, increasing clip size.
Damage Increase: A refracting chamber is implemented to increase beam strength, increasing damage output.
Charge Enabling: Adds a Solar Cell receptacle to the device, enabling the device to charge up to 100 ammo of the current selected ammo when in sunlight.

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