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High Caliber Pistol

Androyd09 November 23, 2010 User blog:Androyd09

This is the seventh weapon the player finds.

  • Function:
Acts as the equivalent to Bioshock's revolver.
  • Ammo Types:
High Caliber rounds: basic ammo
Piercing Rounds: uncommon ammo
Personnel Piercing Rounds: uncommon ammo
Fused Alloy Rounds: Inventable ammo
  • Clip Size:
HC: 8 in gun, 14 w/ upgrade; 32 total, 48 w/ upgrade
PR: 8 in gun, 14 w/ upgrade; 16 total, 24 w/ upgrade
PP: 8 in gun, 14 w/ upgrade; 16 total, 24 w/ upgrade
FA: 4 in gun, 7 w/ upgrade; 12 total, 14 w/ upgrade
  • Upgrades:
Damage increase: An extended enclosed barrel pressurizes each round, increasing damage.
Clip Size Increase: An extended ammo clip is used, increasing clip size by 75%.
Recoil immunity: An extended stalk is attached to the weapon, stabilizing it and removing all recoil.

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