The Golem. This is the most advanced enemy. They have cybernetic and mechanical implants. They specialize in defense with roughly twice the health of the original Big Daddies.

  • Appearance:
They resemble a ten foot tall Bouncer with massive armor plating and no Drill.

  • Weapons:
None: they use Push and have eight tonics.
They use the Armored Shell 1&2, Force Field, Photosynthesis, Elemental Storm, Elemental Sponge, Fountain of Youth, and Brute Strength Gene Tonics.

  • Research Bonuses:
Level 1: Force Field Gene Tonic
Level 2: +Damage to this Big Daddy
Level 3: -10% Damage from this Big Daddy
Level 4: Push (plasmid)
Level 5: ++Damage to this Big Daddy

  • Tactics:
If attacked, they will immediately hide their Little Sister and Brother and use Push. Because of their Tonics they will hit you with an elemental burst if you physically hit them, so stay away and try to dodge their Push blasts.

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