• Level 1: Flash

Appearance: arm becomes pale with a faint white glow.

Abilities Gained: can cause a single Splicer to go blind for 15 seconds, making them swing or fire wildly.

  • Level 2A: Flashbang: req. Flash

Appearance: arm is now stark white with a faint transparency and the white glow is focussed on the hand.

Abilities gained: can now work on crowds, you throw a "Flashbang" grenade of light when charged.

  • Level 2B: Flare: req. Flash

Appearance: arm gains a brighter glow and yellow light appears from the joints of the hand.

Abilities Gained: Now the Flash surrounds the player when charged.

  • Level 3A: Flicker Flash: req. Flashbang

Appearance: arm resembles glass and glow is in the center of the palm in a point of light.

Abilities Gained: When charged to the maximum the player uses Flash four times in quick succession.

  • Level 3B: Solar Flare

Appearance: Arm is completely devoid of color, with bright yellow light showing from the joints.

Abilities Gained: When fully charged, the player releases a large ball of light above her position, and the ball stays there for twenty seconds, but only one can exist at a time.

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