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This series of Big Daddy is the result of replicating the original Alpha Series with better technology and new plasmids. The main character, Ma Gu, was the first successful Delta Series. Delta Series do not have a Little Sister, they were not designed to protect them.

  • Weapons:
This Big Daddy is only fought three times in-game, and only has four different weapons, one for each time and the drill: Drill, .100 Cal. Sniper Rifle, Eight Barrel Mini Gun, and Refracted Ion Laser.

  • Research Bonuses:
They only have three levels because there are only three in-game, each one gains you a level. Each level is independent of the other two.
Level Tau: Clever Inventor Gene Tonic, Advanced Tier invent Items Unlocked in U-Invent mode.
Level Lambda: Ingenious Inventor Gene Tonic, Master Tier invent Items Unlocked in U-Invent mode.
Level Zeta: Prolific Inventor Gene Tonic, Grand Master Tier invent Items Unlocked in U-Invent mode.

  • Tactics:
Because there are only three in-game, they each have a different approach to attacking you:
  • Subject Tau: She is equipped with the Refracted Ion Laser and uses skill and tactics to try to outsmart you. She uses an enhanced version of Brain Boost to increase her tactical skill. She frequently sets up mini turrets and proximity mines to force you to go where she wants you.
  • Subject Lambda: He has the .100 Cal. Sniper Rifle and is an expert with it. He acts like a normal sniper, but he has enhanced versions of the Natural Camouflage 2, and Head Hunter 2 Gene Tonics. He also sets trap bolts and uses incendiary bolts to corner you in the open.
  • Subject Zeta: She uses the Eight Barrel Mini Gun to simply attack you in a straight out assault and never let up. She has enhanced versions of the Sport Boost , Armored Shell , and Hawkeye Gene Tonics.

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