These are new elite Splicers since they are more difficult to kill than a Brute.They have cybernetic implants in them that boosts their defense and health, as well as allowing them to hack machines for short periods of time and use level two plasmids.

  • Masks:
they wear no masks, they were voluntarily turned into splicers. But they have a metal faceplate on the left side of their face. This gives them the ability to see in the dark.

  • Weapons:
They can hack into any machine, so they have hacked versions of these weapons: Carbine, Full-Auto Shot Gun, High Caliber Sniper Rifle, High Caliber Pistol. These hacked weapons have special ammo for the splicer that acts as auto hack darts. But the machine is only hacked for one minute, and can't be hacked by that Splicer for another four minutes. They only have one plasmid for each splicer.

  • Research Bonuses:
Level 1: +Damage to this Splicer type
Level 2: Hack Resistant Gene Tonic
Level 3: ++Damage to this Splicer type
Level 4: Deadly Machines Gene Tonic
Level 5: Hacker's Delight 2 Gene Tonic

  • Tactics:
These Splicers are arguably the most intelligent of the Splicers, and as such will never fight you head-on. They will always try to ambush you and kill you as fast as possible. They will hack security, and will hack weapons to use on you. But they enjoy using their level two plasmids on you. These Splicers are not ordinary ones, they will seek out any other types of Splicer and kill them before they even touch you, they were created to kill the player, so they won't let any other Splicer get in their way. This also makes a good diversion to hit them with any stun ability the player has. They have access to four level two plasmids: Push, Electro Bolt, Incinerate!, and Winter Blast. They also have three Gene Tonics: Armored Shell 2, EVE Saver 2, and Security Evasion. When fighting them they have two meters, one for health and one for their EVE, the EVE meter is always about 1/3 to 2/3 of their health, it gets larger as the game continues. They have to use EVE stations to refill their EVE, but EVE stations are very rare; and Health stations for their health, they can't carry or use EVE hypos or First Aid Kits. Their Security Evasion only works for neutral security, it does not affect ones hacked by the player. After their EVE is drained, they are essentially fast leadhead splicers that can hack machines.

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