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Corruption (Plasmid)

Androyd09 November 20, 2010 User blog:Androyd09
  • Level 1: Corruption
Appearance: The player's arm gains a gray tint and a Black globule with green spots is held.
Abilities Gained: globule poisons enemies for 10 seconds, dealing continuous damage, cannot be cured by Health Stations.

  • Level 2A: Corrupted Confusion: req. Corruption

Appearance: the entire arm becomes a shiny black with glowing green spots, globule's green spots start to glow.

Abilities Gained: the target becomes confused and poisoned for twenty seconds, with damage decreasing over time. Does not confuse Armored Enemies.

  • Level 2B: Corrupted Plague: req. Corruption
Appearance: the entire arm becomes a dull gray with large black spots, the globule mimics the arm's colors.
Abilities Gained: when thrown, the globule has a radius of effect of 5 feet, can poison multiple enemies and enemies who are poisoned can infect other enemies.

  • Helpful Tonics
EVE Saver: this is a little obvious.
Poison Storm: this is the counterpart Aura Tonic.

  • Ammo Combo: Poison Ammo
adds poison effect of 1% of health per second for ten seconds, with a damage multiplier of 1.3x

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