• Function:
Same as Bioshock 1.
  • Ammo:
Napalm: basic ammo; sets enemies on fire and causes continuous burn damage.
Liquid Nitrogen: uncommon ammo; freezes enemies solid.
Electric Gel: inventible ammo; stuns enemies and deals continuous electric damage.
Acid: inventible ammo; poisons enemies and deals compounded damage over successive hits.
  • Clip Size And Consumption Rate:
N: 400; 40 per second/ 35 w/ upgrade
LN: 500; 50 per second/ 45 w/ upgrade
EG: 200; 25 per second/ 20 w/ upgrade
A: 120; 24 per second/ 18 w/ upgrade
  • Upgrades:
Range increase: A focussed nozzle is fixed to the end of the weapon, allowing for a longer range.
Fuel consumption decrease: A more efficient Fuel Injector is used to decrease fuel consumption.
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