The characters of Bioshock: Evolution. The names will have short descriptions until I have finished each character's page.

Main Characters:

  • Yvonne Tenenbaum - guide; daughter of Brigid
  • Sonya Lamb - Partner Protagonist; daughter of Eleanor

Major Characters: decide to kill or help them

  • Lorelei Lutz - daughter of Masha; NPC
  • Oscar Medina - Head scientist at Cpompound Eta; NPC
  • Jennifer Porter - grand-daughter of Charles Milton Porter; NPC
  • Wilhelm Bach Bakal - Security Leader of EDEN Ind.; NPC
  • Charly Cohen - Great-great-nephew of Sander Cohen; NPC
  • Louis Stepenovitch Ulyanov - nephew of Ronin; NPC

Minor Characters:

  • Fought and audio diary: Bosses of the game
    • Razorback - Slicer
    • Mistress Exabyte - Cyber Splicer
    • Olympian - Brute Splicer
    • Master Khan - Unspliced Leadhead
    • Master Hephaestus - Vulcan Splicer
    • Mistress Harrietta - Spider Houdini Splicer
  • Audio Diaries:
    • Stanford Goven
    • Terrance Goldblume
    • Martinez Lennon
    • Tomas Aquina
    • Pete Abelard
    • Jonathon Locke
    • Eddy Burke
    • Mayra chaves
    • Marta Hern
    • Jesse Carreon - "How'd I get into this mess" and "Aeronautics 101"
    • Theodore Ferdinand Hearns - "Worse than the service"
    • Roosevelt McIntyre
    • Frederik Kojima
    • Harvey Davidson
    • Kent Mayors
    • Danny Brown
    • Martha Hernandez - "peace through violence"
    • Cornelius D. Ogden
    • Jaron Desmond Jordan
    • Augustine Amburgey
    • Amber McClellan
    • Hermes Frederich Zion
    • Geoffery Tate
    • Sherman Odijion
    • Dan Malakion
    • Lee Goodrich
  • To be added...

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