This big galut is back! And they have a few new tricks in store!

  • Masks: The three sub-types each have their own set of masks
Ranged: Jason Hockey Mask, Hannibal Mask, or American Football Helmet
Melee: Bandages, Steel Cap, Iron Mask, or Hockey Cage Mask
Grappeler: Human Leather Mask, Luchador Mask or WWII Style Biker Helmet

  • Weapons:
Ranged: large objects on map (thrown)
Melee: large objects on map (used as blunt weapon) and fists
Grappeler: hands wrapped in razor wire and barbed wire

  • Research Bonuses:
Level 1: +Damage
Level 2: Armored Shell Tonic
Level 3: ++Damage
Level 4: 15% increase in chance of Splicer missing the player
Level 5: Armored Shell 2 Tonic
Level 6: +++Damage
Level 7: Brute Strength Tonic

  • Classes:
Ranged: Steroids have ruined their minds, but also allowed them to become masters of the 'shot put.'
Melee: Massive muscles enabled these Bastards to lift heavy objects badda-bing badda-bang right into your skull.
Grappeler: Convinced it's real, these 'Undertakers' use wrestling moves to clothesline your ass into the next life.

  • Alterations:
At certain points in the game Brute splicers will have a percent chance to have an elemental Plasmid augmentation.
2/5 into game: 5% chance of each
Electro-Bolt: Launches a ball of lightning and stuns while using physical attacks.
Incinerate: Everything he throws sets the player on fire.
Blast Core: Thrown objects explode upon impact, does not set things on fire.
3/5 into game: 5% chance of each
Electro-Bolt: Stuns you with Continuous Pulse then attempts to lob objects or grapple
Incinerate: Thrown objects set player and scenery on fire and has a 5% to explode dealing triple the damage
Blast Core: Thrown objects explode upon impact and release secondary cluster explosions
Insect Swarm:
Gravity Well:
Winter Blast:
Near the end of the game: 10% chance of each
See: 4/5 into game

  • New Tactics:
All three can throw objects from far away, hit you with them and physically grab you. But each type has a 70% chance of performing what they're described as, as they get a damage bonus for it.
In the second half of the game they will travel in packs of two, and will now do 100% what they're sub-type is, also they're always two different sub-types.

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