The NFPA 704 for Nitroglycerin

Amored and armed. This guy is a bit like a Rosie mixed with a Bouncer, plus a Nitro Splicer for good measure. They are masters of explosives and bombs.

  • Appearance:
Their suit is visibly heavy, bolts and large metal plates cover it, this also means they have more armor than a Bouncer. His suit also has many sticky bombs attached.

  • Weapons:
dynamite, sticky bombs, tesla mines, proximity mines, firebombs and heat-seeking RPGs. Their Blaster plasmid. They have advanced Walking Inferno, Hawkeye, and Firestorm Gene Tonics.

  • Research Bonuses:
Level 1: +Damage to Blaster
Level 2: +15% damage resistance
Level 3: Little Sisters collect 20 more Adam from gathers
Level 4: ++Damage to Blaster
Level 5: +++Damage to Blaster

  • Tactics:
They frequently blow themselves up using their attached sticky bombs, but they receive no damage, they use this as deterrent for splicers and the player. This also can anger nearby Big Daddies. They use their Blaster plasmid to shoot at the player, as well as using their myriad mines to set traps and corner the player.

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