This is my version of an explosive Plasmid, a 'living grenade' if you will.

  • Level 1: Living Frag
Appearance: Arm is tinged a light green and has a faint pattern of a frag grenade. An olive drab colored globule with black spots is held in the hand, acting as the explosive.
Abilities Gained: The globule acts as a frag grenade, but has 1/4 of the damage, and 2.5X the blast radius that a grenade has.

  • Level 2A: Fire Frag: req. Living Frag

Appearance: Arm now has an orange-colored frag pattern, and the globule now is on fire.

Abilities Gained: The globule sets all objects/enemies it comes into contact with on fire for 5 seconds. Damage is now equal to that of a regular grenade.

  • Level 2B: Cluster Frag: req. Living Frag
Appearance: Arm is patterned after riveted metal, and is now tan in color. The globule is gray, and has small bumps all over it.

Abilities Gained: The globule now has a primary explosion that does 2X frag damage, and three secondary explosions doing 1/4 frag damage each.

  • Level 2C: Plastic Frag: req. Living Frag

Appearance: Arm has a tan camo pattern. Globule appears as though it is made out of clay.

Abilities Gained: The globule has the properties of a sticky bomb: it sticks to objects/enemies and will not explode for three minutes, or when the player triggers it remotely. has 2.5X damage and only one can be in use at a time.

  • Level 3A: Fire Core: req. Fire Frag

Appearance: Arm is covered in wires and has orange, glowing cracks that emit small flames. Globule is a ball of orange fire.

Abilities Gained: When the fireball contacts an object/enemy it sets them on fire for 20 seconds and sets fire to an eight foot radius for 4 seconds.

  • Level 3B: Cluster Core: req. Cluster Frag

Appearance: Arm is covered in wires and has white glowing cracks that have small bolts in them. Globule is identical to a small WWII era mine.

Abilities Gained: The primary blast now has 6X damage, nine secondary blasts with 2.5X damage and three tertiary blasts with 1.5X damage.

  • Level 3C: C-4 Core: req. Plastic Frag

Appearance: Arm is covered in wires and has olive drab-colored glowing cracks with small radio antannae protruding from them. The Globule now emits a white frequency.

Abilities Gained: The globule is strengthened to 4.5X frag damage and now three can be placed at one time. They have no time limit. Charging will set off currently placed explosives regardless, and casting fourth one will ignite the other three, when there are already three.

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