This scourge of the deep is back and with some devilish new tricks just for you! There are two types of Big Sisters this time around, Terrors and Creepers. Terrors being closer to an original Big Sister and Creepers being sort of an sane/insane Big Sister. These enemies also have an EVE meter below their life gauge.

  • Appearance:
Terrors: these enemies closely resemble the original Big Sisters, but are more heavily armored and gray.
Creepers: these things are hard to describe; think of them as a Big Sister plastered splicer, if that makes any sense; they are all green/blue/white/brown/red, depending on their area.

  • Weapons:
Terrors: the same setup as before, except they have two needles, one that drains your life, and another that drains your EVE.
Creepers: no needles, but they do have twin EVE blades, and can use them in conjunction with their plasmids/ tonics.

  • Plasmids/ Tonics:

Terrors: advanced telekinesis, incinerate, and teleport powers, aided by a natural affinity for ADAM.

Creepers: advanced telekinesis, incinerate, Winter Blast, Insect Swarm, teleport and Hypnotize powers, aided by a natural affinity for ADAM and an insatiable blood thirst. They now appear after you deal with three Little Sisters/ Brothers. And your actions dictate which variety you'll see: Saving them gives to the Terror, and harvesting brings the Creeper.

  • Research Bonuses:
Level 1: +Maximum EVE capacity
Level 2: Free health restoration after gathering
Level 3: Drill Vampire Gene Tonic
Level 4: +Damage to Big Sisters
Level 5: ++Maximum EVE capacity
Level 6: Blood Lust Gene Tonic

  • Tactics:

Terrors: Identical to previous Big Sisters, except for the stealing of EVE.

Creepers: This is where it gets interesting! These beasts will spawn always to the player's rear, and will always catch you off gaurd, and unlike the Terrors they are completely silent, the only noise to give them away is their blades flying through the air. They will actively use their twin EVE blades with one or two of their plasmids, and will constantly attack you on sight, even attacking the respawn chambers (thank god for their invincibility).

And at Mid-game both varieties always spawn in pairs when not story events.

How do you guys like these beauties? I know I've kept you waiting (maybe not for some) but I will try to continue to develope these brilliant (I hope) ideas for all of you to see.

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