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    Eden Corporation

    June 17, 2012 by Androyd09

    Note: this page will fill as I see fit.

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    June 17, 2012 by Androyd09

    The ugliest of the uglies in the Eden complex and beyond. Some are sad, some are glad, and some of them are just plane batsh*t insane! Each will have a somewhat unique mechanic that is the key to their downfall.

    • Boss 1:
    • Boss 2:
    • Boss 3:
    • Boss 4:
    • Boss 5:
    • Boss 6:
    • Boss 7:

    Note: I hope you will excuse the basic layout of the page for now, I have limited time to do these kinds of things in college.

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    Chimera Splicer

    June 17, 2012 by Androyd09

    These monstrocities are what resulted from experimenting on splicers and animals in the same vein as Sofia on Gil Alexander. Except with the artistic and relational talent of Steinman and Cohen, and these crazed beasts didn't leave careful instructions on how to kill them.

    • Sub-types:
    Harvestman: Brute + Spider:
    Daddy-Long-Legs: Spider + Slicer:
    Animus: Cyber + a spliced animal + old Splicer
    Lycan: Dire Wolf + Thuggish
    Ursine: Cave Bear + Brute
    Skybourne: Great Albatross + Nitro
    Selachii: Great White Shark + Houdini
    Draco-Rex: Komodo Dragon + LeadHead
    Master Tactician: Houdini + Cyber + Leech:
    Special 1: Gil 2.0: Armor-plated Gil Alexander from Bioshock 2 that can dig under the ground.
    Special 2: Rex Chimerion:

    • Abilities:

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    September 7, 2011 by Androyd09

    Like many have said, the old Lancer was a Rosie "re-color." And like some who have made their own blogs I plan on making this guy even more badass than he should have been. And credit goes to Willbachbakal for the idea of the mirrored surface Plasmid that he gave his Lancers.

    • Appearance: No difference in style, but these guys now are almost immaculate, they have little to no scars or damage apparent on their armor. And some of them have incredibly shined helmets (which they can use to temporarily blind the player.)
    Shock: Red stripes appear on the chest
    Burst: Blue stripes on the chest

    • Weapons:
    Shock: Ion Laser, Flashbang grenades and rarely they will use Tesla mines
    Burst: Ion Burster and Sticky Bombs
    Ion Burster: an Ion Laser made only to fire…

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    Updated: Incinerate!

    August 12, 2011 by Androyd09

    Time to finish off the elemental trinity of Bioshock: Incinerate!! I would like to say this now: because I have brought back the Chemical Thrower Bioshock 2's level three version has been retaken by the weapon. I also have to state that unless it says different, if an ability mentioned in a previous level isn't mentioned again, it means it remains unchanged.

    • Level 1: Incinerate!
    Appearance: Same as Bioshock 2.
    Abilities Gained: will spontaneously combust objects and enemies. Has a 35% chance of either making the enemy set fire to other enemies upon contact, or having the enemy explode in a small fireball.

    • Level 2A: Arsen

    Appearance: Same as Bioshock 2 but yellow and white.

    Abilities Gained: Enemies now have a 100% chance of setting fire to upto …

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