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    Bioshock: Utopia (Title Pending) is my basic conceptual idea for the next "Bioshock" game.

    I know that as soon as the idea of "Bioshock In Space" registers with your brain your immediate reactions will be thoughts of the "System Shock" Series.

    Although thought of in a pesimistic way, I believe that "Bioshock: Utopia" would not be a carbon copy of "System Shock" but an entirely knew interpretation of the Bioshock world with much more contextual detail than could be achieved in 1994 with "System Shock".

    The name "Utopia" relates with Columbia in "Bioshock Infinite" in terms of irony.

    Your original view of Columbia is a paradise (hence the name "Utopia"), but as you delve deeper into the world you discover corruption, racism and murder; the irony…

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