A weapon I think will be good if BIOSHOCK 3 comes out!

The Vignette Cannon: A laser-powered weapon that functions by two roll of tape that roll against eachother to create friction.

A casing of titanium alloy then shhields the rest of the weapon's mechanics on the inside. This weapon was widely known to work as an industrial tool for construction/reconstruction/deconstruction.

Ammo Types-

Energy Cell- As ammunition is constantly being gatherd at a slow rate while this weapon is in use, the Energy Cell ammo fires a wide crimson colored blast that can sever all of the limbs in an enemy at once, if they trigger is held, the more energy will charge up to fired. The more energy, the more dismembered targets.

Blast Cells-Proximity mines that can be picked up with telekinesis and be thrown as contact explosive projectiles. Proximity mines don't detonate instantly, but shortly after a time limit of 4 seconds.

Fusion Cells- When using this type of ammo, lasered plasma will be fired in a continuous beam and whip around opponents to entangle them, whil slowly burning them. By aiming at them, the wielder can choose the detonate the plasma, resulting in long-term/lethal electrocution.


Torque Upgrade- More spinning, more power and conservative ammo.

Eroded Barrel- With erosion this weapon has a higher ratio of instant kill to most and longer range.

Final Upgrade- Any opponents near one who is using a Vignette Cannon will begin to ignite with fire shortly before self-detonation.

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