Watchman Vligor- A typical Vligor that is in charge of Columbia's security. They attack with baton, Machine Guns, Dragoon Revolvers, and the Blunderbuss Shotgun. They are highly vulnerable, but are quick and accurate when it comes to attacking.

Denizen Vligor- A normal citizen of Columbia, they are very intelligent, have armor on their limbs, leaving their head to be their ownly weak spot for high damage. They attack by throwing explosives, leaving traps, and attracting great numbers of Vligors with a vocalized bellow. They also have the ability to possess inanimate objects, and grow threatening mutations from their bodies.

Scientist Vligor- An exceptional Vligor, they can disappear, manuever numerous abilities, have timed extreme power, and even reduce damage by drinking from flasks in their pockets, or by making contact with the player, draining their health. They can hack into even the most complex technology.

Vanguard Vligor- A Vligor skilled in odd art of combat and leaping to high elevations, but is slow shortly after a barrage of attacks. They can scale objects, and attempt to pull you there with extending gadgets. One variant of the Vanguard Vligor can fire Mortar Guns, and use D-Bombs.

Serpentine Vligor- A super flexible Vligor capable of dodging bullets at incedible, unseeable speed, they can extensively stretch out parts of their body to strike opponents, and charge at high speeds. Serpentine Vligors will flee from sight unless shot at, or provoled, but they will still manage to keep their distance. They will attempt to ambush targets with their extending organs, or blinding speed.

Jarhead Vligor- The perfect snipers, skilled with the Sniper Rifle, and any other weapon. They can even use different types of ammo per weapon. They also have the ability to manuever the environment with explosive charges set up around the city.

They're weakest areas to hit are their backs, snipe them! Jarhead Vligors have another variant that will confront you from closeby, setting off charges as they go, the can use multiple weapons due to them being melded into them and tied to an array of strings that are connected to their fingers.

Charlie Vligor(Charlie=war term)- A Vligor that has a high resistance to stopping when it comes to having damage inflicted upon them, as they can attack much better under injury, they appear in large, roaming packs, once they get close, they will burst,explode, kaboom! It is unknown how since the reaction is more like a volatile explosion.

Custodian Vligor- Vligors that are usually seen after the action. They can mimic many of the other Vligor's attacks. They are great at using their adapted skills, but are sluggish in the legs.

more ideas in 8hours,

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