Anarchists -the following is entirely fictional, as in fanmade.

The civilians of Columbia under the political influence of anarchy towards foreigners, they work together in the oddest of ways to keep eachother from dying. All Anarchists can travel Columbia using the Sky Line.

Hospice Anarchist- A category of Anarchist that wields firearms to attack their enemies. They are only aggressive if confronted by one holding some type of threat, similar to most Anarchists. Hospice Anarchists usually roam Columbia in large masses, as any type of commotion attracts the majority of them. (similar to leadhead splicers)

Bimaristan Anarchist- Anarchists that jump off of large heights, and then deploy what can be seen to be early parachutes. From that point, the attack with firearms and explosives. These foes can use the wind to their advantage to steer themselves away or towards danger.

Polimath Anarchist- Anarchists that can wield Nostrums and Vigors, possibly both at the same time. ( similar to the animalistic spider splicers, houdini splicers, who knows.)

Copernicus Anarchist- Anarchists that are well experienced in explosives, elaborate traps, and suicidal attacks, earning them one of the best reputations among Anarchists. They are extremely crafty with lightning speed. ( similar to nitro splicers.)

Vesalius Anarchist- A pack of Anarchists who attack via melee weapons, adaptatious abilties, and by clawing/biting. (similar to thuggish splicers.) They will not attack head-on, but slowly encircle their targets with their large numbers.

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