In 1977, in the Atlantic sea, an oil company named Reefresh lead by world-known geologist Mark Piantoc hunt for emerged areas of the legendary city of Rapture on the surface of the sea. As the surrounding 500 miles are under private possession of Piantoc by the U.S., an investigation is began as it would eventually carry turmoil the farther they ventured into the ocean's playground. Along with Piantoc, he brings the children of his who join him to treat the excavation as a college project for extra credits back on campus. 

 But, Rapture is not dead, it is only in a state of shock; under one's heir.


 A few leagues towards Rapture, there is a being granted the name, Haddrick L. Franco; a famous splicer in his age, the one who was able to revert his flaw by a plasmid that would nullify the effects of ADAM on man. As he experiments, and experiments, and experiments, until his work is responsible for his city's uprising.........................................................................................

 Atop of the tide ahead, Mark brings the excavation to Haddrick's laboratory in Athenian Mausoleums, breaking pressure, forcing water to wipe away his home. As he survives what he mistakes as an attack, Mark's men draw their attention on him before they are mauled by one of his creations, Michelle Brine, a clone opposite of his gender. Suddenly after they are killed, another wave slowly erupts from nowhere when the duo are slung towards a large, but sinking vessel, the S.S. Coastale.

 They were already in danger, now there isn't any chance of surviving when Michelle is shotdown from the surface by a gunner wielding a harpoon gun under the influence of ADAM. When Haddrick glances down, he can see thousands of splicers boarding the stricken ship. Seconds after breath; vague minutes after moments, Our protagonist is swarmed by splicers while he wields only a few of his few gadgets.

 He manages to sabotage the ship, and take one of its submarines to delve back down into Rapture to pursue the rest of Mark's 


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